Frame Tent Rental




Frame Tent Rentals

only have perimeter (side-poles) and no center-poles. A Frame Tent Rental is a tent that is fully supported by a free standing frame built with tubing and fittings. This style maximizes the amount of space under a tent by eliminating the need for center poles. Frame tents are ideal for limited space and where there is a need to have clear space beneath the tent. The other advantage of a frame tent is that because the stakes are not supporting the tent top the stakes do not need to be placed away from the tent. This cuts down on the need for more space. Frame tent rental can also use concrete weights (additional charges may apply) so that the tent can be placed on different surfaces such as concrete or other areas where staking is not permitted. Another feature that frame tent rentals allow is the framework in the ceiling gives the user more options for hanging and supporting light weight decorations, lighting fixtures, fans, and fabric draping. The entire ceiling can be lined with a tent liner that will give that dreamy look. Side-poles can also be draped. Sidewalls can be installed so that the tent can be heated or air-conditioned. Give one of our experts at A and S Play Zone a call today at 937-885-5454 and let us help you plan your next special event!