Chill & Fill Table


Chill & Fill Table | Chill And Fill Party Table

The original Chill & Fill Table. Add ice to keep your food and beverages cold and fresh. Add the optional 1/3 dividers to increase the working depth to 6 1/2 inches to better accommodate long neck bottles. This Chill and Fill Party Table has been a hit at every event it has gone to. Think of a company picnic. Everyone needs a few refreshments during the festivities, and it’s so convenient to have a table already laden with beverages, that will stay cold for hours. Maybe you are having a graduation party soon? You don’t want to have to worry about constantly refilling the drink tray, just set up this Chill and Fill Table, and it will take care of itself while you get to go enjoy your event! There are a number of great opportunities to use this great party rental item. Next time you are hosting an event, be sure to ask about the Chill and Fill Table, and A&S Play Zone will help make your event a huge success! Even perfect for church events, where it’s always a smart option to have a bunch of water bottles available to make sure nobody risks any dehydration! Call A&S Play Zone party rental today!