Today was the debut of A&S Play Zone’s new blowup slide.  Towering at 24 feet tall and looming across our company’s parking lot, I knew I was in the presence of something fun, something awesome.  The new vinyl glistened in the sunlight, and everyone stared up in awe.  Following its inspection by the state, the staff of A&S slid down the blowup object, and here come the rave reviews.  It was fun!  It was fast!  It’s the best inflatable slide we have!  I myself climbed up the the center, sat down at the top, and went racing down.  It was a rush!  The 24 foot Giant Inflatable Slide is going to be A&S Play Zone’s premier new item.  To try and describe it would be difficult, so the best thing I can say is to try it for yourself!  You can rent it for a personal party, graduation event, or block party celebration.  If that is not an option, you can be sure to find this giant blow up at local festivals, such as the GermanFest Picnic.
Here is the YouTube video, which is the closest you can get to experiencing this monster slide without actually riding it
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