With the continued improvement in A & S Play Zone’s service, we are striving to expand our social reach as well!  Among the many avenues we take, from Google Plus, to Facebook, Twitter, and Google places, one website has proven exceptionally valuable to us.  YouTube.  In my opinion, the best site on the internet.  Why?  It allows for the most widespread and free meshing of ideas, values, and whatever else people want to share.  It also works extremely well for businesses, communicating the value of their products to their costumers!  That is how I see YouTube working for A & S Play Zone.  Many of the videos we already have are simply descriptions of our items, along with some that show our rides working to the joy of our customers.  We will continue to post informative videos such as these, so that we can better demonstrate the value of our inflatables, and what it is like to experience them as close to what it is like in real life.  Along with these videos, we will begin posting videos from our events and cataloging the success of each event and how happy people are with it!  The milestone we have reached today, is that we have eclipsed the 5,000 view mark on YouTube!  This is a small milestone in regard to most channels, but after just two months of dedicated work, the range of people viewing our videos has increased exponentially!  My goal is to always reach out to people who we support, but also expand so that people who aren’t familiar with our company can see what great products we offer, and what great service!  Overall, I want to thank you all for your support with our YouTube channel, you are responsible for its success, and remember to invite friends, family, and whoever to view our channel, view our videos, and support A & S Play Zone!  Thank you all so much!

A & S Play Zone
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