Ideas On How to Plan an Awesome After Prom

So it’s hard to believe that it’s time to start planning your after prom or post grad party for 2015. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start with entertaining teenagers, so we thought we would share with you some of our best after prom entertainment ideas. When entertaining teenagers it’s important to offer a wide variety of options. By offering multiple after prom activities you are more likely to appeal to all of the teenagers. Here is a list of our favorite after prom activities:
1. Inflatable Everything. In today’s world we offer all types of entertainment for that young adult. Most popular is our:
A. Giant Inflatable Obstacle Courses – race your opponent for best time!
B. Human Hamster Balls –Everyone wants the opportunity to try.
C. Human Bowling – Who can get a strike first?
D. Demolition Ball – Last man standing wins!
E. Inflatable Jousting Arenas – Joust until your heart is content in a fun safe arena.
F. Bungee Runs – Test your strength before you get pulled back.
G. Velcro Walls – Everyone wants to fly like Spiderman.
H. Human Foosball- Hours of nonstop fun.
I. Boulder Dash
2. Mechanical Bulls, Mechanical Surfboard and Mechanical Skateboard – Test your balancing skills while outlasting your friends record time.
3. Derby Days is ever so popular. We rent out a miniature Derby Downs that allows 4 participants to race Derby Horses to the finish line. Add a VJ and this is a hoppin event literally.
4. Euro Bungee or Euro Bungy as some say is the most popular rental item for teenagers. A & S Play Zone rents a four station Euro Bungee to many of the local schools in Cincinnati and Dayton. Teenagers strap in and enjoy the ability to flip in the air over and over again. Typically this will have the longest line as teenagers love the Euro Bungee Rental.
5. Paintless Paintball is an exciting after prom activity. We offer Inflatable Bunkers and a painfree paintless paintball. Many times females are afraid to play paintball because of the pain from getting hit with the paint. However, our paintball uses nerf type balls and everyone enjoys. We take this to Universities and Colleges everywhere and students have a blast diving and running and with an inflatable bunker system. Our laser arena can hold 6-8 players at one time. This is a great after prom item to get many teenagers to play at one time.
6. Life Size games are still so fun for all ages. We offer life size:
A. Operation Game
B. Life size Jenga
C. Milk you cow
D. Ker Plunk
E. Tic Tac Toe
F. Candy Land
G. Twister and so much more.
7. Game Show Mania. You got it. We bring family feud to you. We bring a game show host and everything you need to bring your game show event alive. This is even one that you can do yourself by having someone plan a popular game show tailored to your high school. It could be Couples Trivia Challenge (quiz couples or best friends to see who knows each other best), The Amazing Race, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or any version of a popular game show.
8. Photo Booth, Video Booth are a mainstay for after prom parties. We offer a traditional photo booth with a themed logo printed on the pictures; along with our dancing head video to a favorite song that you can email to yourself on the spot for a lifetime memory! We also offer an interactive photo booth that put you right on the runway for a photo shoot.

9. Cash Cubes are fun and exciting rentals for teenagers. Who wouldn’t want to go inside a glass cash cube and grab for cash. Many times you can ask local banks to donate the cash to go in or use the cash cube rental as a door prize.

Interested in seeing some of our items in play. Check out our Youtube channel here.