Everyone at A&S Play Zone takes a lot of personal interest in every order they take and every customer they work with!  So as we expand into new regions and meet with new people and companies, we want to learn about you and what you like so we can help bring you the fun that you want!  Whether it is inflatable bounce houses or just a casual family reunion where you want some concession machines or party equipment, we’ve always been here to help!

The first thing I want to take a look at is what started it all.  How did you find A&S Play Zone?  Were you just looking for some inflatable fun in Dayton or Cincinnati?  Or maybe you wanted a bounce house for your kid’s birthday party?  Many of you though, contacted us for your graduation rentals, looking for tents, tables, chairs, and anything that would help make your event special.  A lot of you have been referred by friends, and we think that is great!  We love the fact that people have been so happy with us that they would tell us to their friends and family.  We value this so much, that is why we try so hard to bring fun and exciting aspects to all of your events.

So please let us know on here, Facebook, or Twitter to let us know how we were found by you!