As the summer comes to a close and the back to school season sets in, the yearly school events come back into focus.  From fall festivals, to pep rallies, to fundraising carnivals, everyone is clamoring to book entertainment and fun.  A&S can help you with those events, but one event in particular that needs attention is after proms.  I know it seems so far away, but the demand for after prom equipment is at a premium.  Parents will start meeting to plan, and the best way to start is by giving A&S a call.  We have special after prom pricing and packages that can help kick start your school’s after prom, or post grad project.  Along with the excellent pricing, A&S has some unique ideas that might be interesting for people interested in making their after prom special.  From giant Inflatable game centers, to indoor paintless paintball, A&S Play Zone has everything to make your school event a huge success.  
I was at an after prom last year, where A&S Play Zone provided their Boot Camp obstacle course, and two lane bungee run.  The line for the Boot Camp was enormous, and so was the bungee run.  Kids used them until the very end of the after prom event.  If you’ve had an interesting inflatable or exciting item at your after prom, let us know what it was in the comment section!  Chances are that it was from A&S Play Zone!  
A & S Play Zone – Bounce Houses, Inflatable Blowups, Giant Slides
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Springboro, Ohio 45066